lets have a good time>

They know all your hang-ups and your hype-buttons, which side is ‘your side’. They bring you alive with that ‘shoulders-back, eyes-sparkling’ confidence. And without fail, they always know exactly what to say to make you laugh.

And as your wedding photographer, those are the kinda photos I want to give you. ‘Best friend’ photos that catch you at your happiest.

So if I’m your photographer, let’s be actual, real-life friends. On the day, in the months before, and the years after. We’ll hug hello, goof around, have a boogie and hype each other up. I’ll be your bonus bridesmaid, your cheerleader, planner, stylist, and emergency seamstress all rolled into one. 

I want to give you memories of a day you loved every minute of with the bonus of modern, fashionable, magazine-worthy photos to tell the story.

Best friends take all the best photos, don’t they? 

“Sophie’s a ray of sunshine, and we loved having her there on our day.”



Hey, I’m Sophie!

I love travel, modern art, fashion, and food. I’m horizontally-chilled and Champagne-bubbly! Oh and I’m a wedding photographer in Aberdeen (but you knew that one, right?)


I’m a sucker for an outfit change (or five!) I’ll be buzzing for every wild idea, crazy photo or viral trend you guys wanna try. And I’ll be so embarrassingly obsessed with your venue, styling, and all-things-pretty, I’ll even get there an hour early before the morning prep to give them all the dedicated camera-time they deserve! 

And when your day finally comes…I really just want to give you the same kind of wedding day I'd want to have.

Not some mad, photo-hungry dash to the finish. But a day where you get to take your time, soak it all in together, and really enjoy everything you’ve booked. Eat til you pop, dance your little feet off, and get some insta worthy shots along the way. 

If all that sounds like a bit of you, we’ve officially become friends…

“We couldn’t even imagine the day without you Sophie.”


“Thank you sooo much Sophie for giving us the most amazing photography experience on our wedding day.”

“From the pre-shoot to the actual day, you made it so fun.”

“Sophie was absolutely fantastic, I couldn't rate her more highly. Don't think twice – Sophie is the one!”

Do you wanna know something funny?

I can’t remember the last time I gave my dad a hug. I love him to bits, we’re just…Scottish. And if someone ever made us hug for a photo, it would be the most cringy ten seconds of my life! Besides, it wouldn’t be us. 

So here’s my little wedding
photographer promise to you…..

I won’t make you hug if you’re not ‘huggers’, kiss if you’re not PDA people, or be the centre of attention if you hate the spotlight. You won’t be forced into awkward situations, or puppeteered into poses. And I’m sorry, but redoing moments gives me the serious ick! 

Because those squidgy, vulnerable moments will come eventually. Unforced, unrehearsed, all by themselves. 

You’ll hug and kiss at some point (everyone does). And when they do come, those real, authentic moments will be a million times more beautiful than anything we could’ve planned.